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Here's me throughout the years...

Desiree, circa Sept 1987 (according to date stamp on reverse side of photo)

Look at me walk !!

Desiree and her dad, Jim, circa Feb 1988 (per date stamp on reverse of photo)

Desiree has a tea party


Picture on left was cropped from original with her friends, and the left side is Desiree visiting in Washington, D.C.

Desiree & Erin

Photo taken in May 2001, with Desiree's best Friend Erin

Wedding Day

I was a bridesmaid at my Aunt Brooke's wedding in July 2001.


Photo taken in August 2001


My baptism.

For more photos, see Brooke's Wedding Ceremony, in which Desiree was one of the Bridesmaid.

My mom is Laura Anne Diekan

See Press Releases.

2001:  Sept 6 & Apr 30